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November 2, 2017

Case Studies

Reduced waste disposal costs

(for food plant)

Problem: A food manufacturing plant was unable to separate and dispose of its waste water correctly, even though its machinery and treatment systems were still working properly. This was increasing their waste disposal costs and putting them at risk of costly council fines.

Solution: Aquapac’s technical team quickly identified that the problem was with the nature of the waste, not with the treatment system itself. Since installing a new aerator, the original wastewater treatment had become ineffective on the new waste produced.

Results: Correct diagnosis enabled Aquapac to recommend and supply a chemical treatment suited to the new wastewater stream. This enabled the customer to quickly return to efficient plant operation within waste discharge limits, avoiding loss of time and unnecessary waste disposal costs.


Simplified waste water treatment

(Saves money for paint shop)

Problem: A paint shop was exceeding its wastewater discharge limits when its treatment plant could no longer remove colour or cloudiness from their treated water.

Solution: After carefully rethinking their entire chemical process, Aquapac recommended a new chemical regime that enabled the treatment system to perform better than ever.

Results: This paintshop plant is now producing better quality wastewater with a simpler chemical process at a cheaper cost.


Dam treatment supplies

(Clean water to livestock)

Problem: A rural farmer’s newly installed dam was leaking and very muddy. Aquapac was directed to clarify the water with minimum chemical use or impact on the property.

Solution: After careful investigation, Aquapac set up a pumping system which requires minimal chemical to treat the entire dam.

Results: Water was fully clarified within 24 hours. The leak from the dam wall was reduced immediately while the base cracks were sealed to prevent future leakage. The dam is now supplying clean water for stock and wildlife.


Chemical treatment eliminates costly

(plumbing for sewage plant)

Problem: A sewage plant faced increased energy costs at a lower efficiency rate, due to calcium deposits within their pipelines – which was restricting wastewater flow and extending pumping times.

Solution: After carefully monitoring the situation, Aquapac was able to complete the decalcification process using Aquapacs AP-3 chemical treatment. This sewage plant has now adopted this decalcification process with an ongoing preventative maintenance measure..

Results: Engaging Aquapac avoided expensive digging, removal and replacement of pipework, and reduced energy costs and pumping times. The sewerage plant’s pipelines were back to normal in
only 4 hours.


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